To help achieve Zero Harm, site management and employees need to be involved with and care for the health and safety of their Contractors as well as themselves. MPA health and safety statistics show contractors to be at disproportionate risk of injury. This needs to change!

Safer by Partnership is MPA’s initiative that focuses on contractor safety.This package of measures aims at improving contractors’ and members’ mutual understanding, needs and communications and thus contributes directly towards the goal of Zero Harm. It is comprised of the following elements:

MPA Contractors Charter

The charter summarises the commitment that MPA members have made to improving contactor safety. It clarifies the safety procedures both they and contractors will apply when working on site. CHARTER

MPA Contractor Database

MPA strongly recommends all contractors to engage with the MPA National Contractor Database This pre-qualification database is managed by PICs. Please follow the link below to find out more about the PICs database, the benefits to contractors of being registered and how to do this. Some sites will not allow contractors to work unless they are registered on PICs. VIEW PICS

MPQC-SPA Contractors Safety Passport

The main aims of the passport course are to increase contractor awareness of health and safety issues at work and to encourage safe behaviour during day to day work activities in the extractives and related industries. It is also a requirement for entry to an increasing number of industry sites. VIEW MPQC-SPA

MPQC Competence Roadmap

MPA Safer by Competence’ sets out routes to meeting National Occupational Standards relevant to job functions, with a range of targets applicable to all in operational employment. For the great majority of MPA members, NVQ/QCF/SCQF vocational qualifications routes provide the logical solutions and these represent the preferred approach. To help individuals, employers and advisers, the Mineral Products Qualifications Council has produced a detailed Competence Map. VIEW COMPETENCE MAP

MPA, QNJAC & HSE Guidance

A wide range of industry guidance is available on key operational issues. The guidance can be viewed via this website by clicking on the Hot Topics section of this site. The QNJAC guidance is of particular relevance to both operators and contractors. Toolbox talks, examples of Best Practice and a wide range of safety videos can also be viewed by clicking on the relevant sections of this website.

MPA Contractor Forum

MPA will host regular forums for contactors where key health and safety issues can be discussed and information shared on best practice. Dates for future events will be published on this website and via other MPA communications.