Quarries Partnership Team

Dust Initiative

Quarries Partnership Team

The quarries partnership team members have been drawn from across the quarrying industry and have agreed to work together and/or independently to further increase the awareness of the risks associated with the inhalation of dust within the quarrying industry and continue to promote good control practices.


  • To reduce the incidence of respiratory disease in workers within the quarrying industry by further raising awareness of the risks of exposure via inhalation, to hazardous dusts in the workplace.
  • To improve workers' knowledge concerning exposure to dust in the workplace
  • To share, promote and encourage good control practices in the workplace
  • To bring about a change in attitudes and behaviours to workplace 'dust'.

Please click on statement for further information including the partners involved and the scope of the project.

QPT/QNJAC Dust - Quarries Good Housekeeping Initiative

Sign up to our Statement of Commitment to demonstrate that your organisation is committed to improving on-site housekeeping practices. Preventing or reducing settled dust will lead to improved working practices and a reduced incidence of respiratory ill health.

Sharing health and safety resources helps us all work towards Zero Harm
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