Safer By Competence

Zero Harm is the overarching health and safety priority for the mineral products industry.

The Council of British Precast supports and champions the principle that all employees and contractors in the sector should move to be provably competent in their roles within a defined timeframe. This initiative has resulted in the following;

  • A working group has been engaged with the Mineral Products Qualification Council (MPQC) to complete a matrix of available qualifications. The matrix covers both the qualifications required for the different levels within an organisation from managers to site operators and a wide range of processes.


  • The British Precast Council has agreed a time frame with targets for engagement and achievement as shown by the matrix


  • British Precast has commissioned their H&S Steering Committee to produce a programme of alignment with the MPA ‘Safer by Competence’ policy which supports working towards a zero harm industry. This has resulted in the creation of role specific National Occupational Standards for the precast and pre-stressed industry along with supporting vocational qualifications within the Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF). These are mapped to the NOS, at employee, supervisory and managerial levels.


To help individuals, employers and advisers, the Mineral Products Qualifications Council is in the process of producing an updated Competence Map which will be available in August.  Please click on the logo to go to the MPQC website for more information.


‘Safer by Competence’ is supported by a family of complementary ‘Safer by ….’ initiatives, which can be accessed by clicking on buttons in right hand column: