Incident Alerts

Incident alerts are submitted by companies from across the industry. They explain how accidents or near hits have occurred and make recommendations as to how this can be avoided in the future. By sharing this knowledge companies will be able to identify similar potential hazards in their own operations and take appropriate action to minimise these risks. Users can register to receive e-mail alerts when new incident alerts have been added to the system.

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10 Incident Alert(s) returned

Incident No.TitleDateType of LocationActivity 
03634Tyre Fitter Entrapment 03/03/2023DepotMaintenance & Housekeeping
03635Uncontrolled bitumen spill during the first delivery of bitumen into a new bitumen storage tank02/03/2023Asphalt/Coating plantTransport & Logistics / Delivery
03633Fatal 6 - Contract haulier rolls an artic delivering sand at a customer's site23/01/2023Construction/delivery siteTransport & Logistics / Delivery
03632Fatal 6 - Spinflow Tipper Rollover09/01/2023On-HighwayTransport & Logistics / Delivery
03631TfL Stay Connected Safety Alert - Lithium Cells - Small Tools22/12/2022Company-widePower tools and battery safety
03630Fatal 1 - LOTOTO failure of an isolator28/11/2022QuarryGuarding and isolation
03628Fatal 1 - LOTOTO - Failure To Implement Isolation Procedure08/09/2022Aggregate DredgerLoading and unloading
03629Ship crane cable failure08/09/2022Aggregate DredgerLifting
03627Operator trips on lifting hook on hatch - Slips, trips and falls06/09/2022Aggregate DredgerMaintenance & Housekeeping
03625Fatal 6 - Articulated truck rollover on soft verge18/08/2022On-HighwayTransport & Logistics / Delivery