In addition to guidance produced by British Precast, the database contains summaries of the latest updates and guidance on key health and safety issues from organisations such as the MPA; the HSE, including the QNJAC and the Quarries Partnership Team on dust and silica; UEPG (European Aggregates Association); NePSi - representing the EU Silica Social Dialogue Agreement; etc.

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Title/Short DescriptionSourceSubjectDate 
Post-Blast Fumes - Updated July 2019

Guidance on post-blast fumes and the steps to be taken to help reduce their production and avoid exposure to them.

Target Audience - All those involved in the blasting operation – especially the post-blast inspection process.

QNJACDrilling and Blasting04/03/2021
Thunderstorms – Risks and Actions - Updated Feb 2020

Guidance on what steps to take if a thunderstorm approaches
during the blasting process.

Target Audience - Anybody involved in the blasting process.

QNJACDrilling and Blasting04/03/2021
Fires on Explosives Vehicles - Updaed February 2020

Guidance on what steps to take in the event of a fire on a vehicle that is either carrying explosives or materials used to make explosives.

Target Audience - All those working on quarries or surface mines where
explosives are used.

QNJACDrilling and Blasting04/03/2021
The Post-Blast Inspection - Updated Feb 2020

Guidance on the post-blast inspection process

Target Audience - Shotfirers and Explosive Supervisors.

QNJACDrilling and Blasting04/03/2021
Danger Zone Control and the Duties of Sentries Updated Feb 2020

.Guidance on how to ensure control of the danger zone and what is expected from sentries.

Target Audience -  Managers, Supervisors, Shotfirers, Sentries and Explosives Supervisors

QNJACDrilling and Blasting04/03/2021
Defining the Danger Zone for Blasting - Updated Feb 2020
Guidance on what to consider when determining the danger zone for quarry blasting. The target audience for this toolbox talk is shotfirers, explosives supervisors and quarry operators. 
QNJACDrilling and Blasting04/03/2021
Loading and Unloading of Drilling Rigs & Compressors - Updated 2020
An illustrated toolbox talk produced by the QNJAC, addressing: competence; loading area; pre-loading checks; loading; unloading; example incident; key points
QNJACDrilling and Blasting04/03/2021
Positioning a shotfiring shelter - Toolbox Talk - Updated Feb 2020
Toolbox talk providing guidance on the correct location of shelters.
QNJACDrilling and Blasting04/03/2021
Fatal 2 - Employees Best Practice Vehicle and Pedestrian Segregation Pocketbook

A 23 page, A6 pocketbook, designed for operatives and site personnel, this document describes the variety of traffic, vehicle and pedestrian management plans which when followed appropriately ensure that sites can work safely.

It has been prepared to raise awareness of the subject and to help guide the industry towards a safer working environment.

MPAPedestrian safety27/10/2020
Fatal 2 - Workplace Transport & Pedestrian Interface Handbook

A 147 page, A5 handbook, designed to assist supervisors and managers on site and support other industry technical guidance. Follows the Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) cycle.

The narrative and practical examples have been taken from materials that were received from MPA members, both large and small, after a request to share best practice on this subject.

MPAPedestrian safety27/10/2020
Safe bitumen tank management

This is a joint document produced by Eurobitume & MPA that has been substantially rewritten and replaces any earlier versions. Its aim is to reduce the incidence of uncontrolled bitumen spillages.  Bitumen spillages have a high potential for serious injury as bitumen is stored at high temperatures. This document explains the fundamental principles that need to be adopted at all asphalt plants for the safe operation of bitumen storage tanks, to reduce the risk of occurrence of a potentially serious incident.

Eurobitume UKBitumen, storage and delivery14/07/2020
Guidance for the design and operation of ground based pumps

This is a joint document produced by Eurobitume & MPA that has been substantially rewritten and replaces any earlier versions. Its aim is to define the minimum industry standards for design, equipment and procedures based on legislation and experience. These standards should be used by suppliers, bitumen hauliers and customer sites. It is specified where standards are mandatory, by stating that such levels must be achieved. In other areas the standards should be seen as industry recommendations, for example where best practice is not currently achievable due to infrastructure or legacy issues.


Eurobitume UKBitumen, storage and delivery14/07/2020