In addition to guidance produced by British Precast, the database contains summaries of the latest updates and guidance on key health and safety issues from organisations such as the MPA; the HSE, including the QNJAC and the Quarries Partnership Team on dust and silica; UEPG (European Aggregates Association); NePSi - representing the EU Silica Social Dialogue Agreement; etc.

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Site energy isolation self audit - June 2019 Updated AUDIT

QNJAC has produced an even more user friendly version of their Isolation Self-Audit tool, with improved functionality which now allows the question set to be completed electronically. Members are reminded of the importance of guarding and isolation and conducting regular audits to check that their arrangements and procedures are sufficient. In this regard, the QNJAC Self Audit tool should prove very useful.

COVID 19 - Updated HSE Guidance on the thorough examination and testing of equipment during the coronavirus outbreak: Your legal obligations

This guidance is for dutyholders and inspectors. It has information about how to meet your legal obligations to carry out thorough examination and testing of equipment during the coronavirus (COVID19) outbreak.

HSETesting materials and equipment18/06/2020
COVID 19 - Operational Guidance
A more detailed publication aimed at Directors and Managers, this provides guidance on operating safely during the COVID 19  pandemic and provides links to important sources of information and updates, including from Government and non-Government organisations.
This complements the Managers and Employees pocket guides which are also accessible on Safequarry. A range of posters are also downloadable from Safequarry which are based on the cartoons and key the health and safety messages. 
MPAAll Subjects19/05/2020
COVID 19 - Employees COVID 19 Guidance

A pocket book that outlines 10 simple Rules of Engagement for employees returning to work, 10 ways of behaving that will help to keep them, their family and their colleagues safe.

It highlights how these behaviours can be applied in a range of different situations, commencing from when an employee leaves home, a range of activities they might engage in or locations they might visit during a normal working day. It concludes with a safe return home.

MPAAll Subjects11/05/2020
COVID 19 - Managers COVID 19 Guidance
A pocket book that outlines 10 simple Rules of Engagement and summarises the steps that managers should take prior to work restarting at sites. It highlights the practical steps to facilitate social distancing and to mitigate other hazards associated with COVID-19. It looks at ways of helping employees and others on site changing their behaviour.  
MPAAll Subjects11/05/2020
Fatal 6 - Guidance for drivers on RCS - QNJAC December 2019
QNJAC has produced some guidance for drivers in quarries on the control of dust -  Respirable Crystalline Silica (RCS).
QNJACSilica and dust10/12/2019
Fatal 6 - Vehicle isolation and maintenance - QNJAC Toolbox Talk - December 2019
QNJAC has produced a toolbox that highlights best practice in the management of vehicle isolation and key control for vehicles.
Fatal 6 - Reducing tipper rollovers - QNJAC Toolbox Talk December 2019

QNJAC has produced a toolbox talk highlighting the statutory duties and identifying the responsibilities of both the organisations and the individuals who are associated with a safe delivery being made by a tipper.

In particular, it looks at those responsible for maintaining the safety of persons involved in, or adjacent to, tipper loading and discharging activities. This includes the following;

  • Hauliers
  • Tipper Drivers
  • Site operators
  • Shovel loaders
  • Weighbridge staff
Fatal 6 - Vehicle breakdowns - Toolbox Talk - Dec 2019

QNJAC has produced a toolbox talk highlighting

  • The statutory duties of those involved with transport
  • What actions they can take to avoid breakdowns
  • What to do in the event of a breakdown.  

It is aimed at all those responsible for maintaining the safety of persons involved in, or impacted by, road haulage in the event of a vehicle breakdown - drivers, maintenance staff, fleet owners and hauliers, site operators and managers.

Guide to energy isolation and LOTOTO - (Lock-out - Tag-out - Try-out)

The industry operates equipment that has the potential to cause harm if not operated or isolated correctly.

We have learnt from incidents within the industry, the critical importance of giving employees and contractors as much information and guidance on the risks involved when operating heavy machinery and a better understanding of the different types of energy they need to be protected against.

This document will describe LOTOTO (Lock-Out – Tag-Out – Try-Out), the process for isolating equipment to ensure that maintenance and cleaning can be undertaken safely.

Prepared by the MPA and Reece Safety, this document shares best practice and will help to raise awareness of ‘LOTOTO’ and to guide the industry to the achievement of a safer working environment. In this document you will also find also find product information to safe guard the workforce.

British Precast guidance on isolation - May 2019

Within the precast concrete sector, repair, service and maintenance work is done on machinery, equipment and processes every day. It is essential to ensure the isolation of any unsafe machinery or equipment from potential uncontrolled energy sources takes place during such work. The attached document is guidance published by British Precast on isolation.

British PrecastIsolation15/10/2019
Driver safety at customer sites - bulk delivery - 6th Edition

Following the ejection of three filter housings from silo tops within three months, the procedure for validating customer safety controls has been updated. 

The quick check questionnaire produced by MPA Cement has updated. This is the standard risk assessment used by its members on customer sites to ensure that major hazards faced by the driver are being correctly addressed for bulk deliveries.