- Mitigating the high potential hazards in the Mineral Products Industry

Fatal 5 - Struck by moving falling object

31% of the fatalities in the industry are associated with individuals being struck by falling objects.

Incidents involving injuries from a falling or moving object commonly are associated with operators dropping tools, parts or dislodging materials that either fall on them or a colleague, individuals being struck during  loading or unloading, materials being thrown out during a manufacturing process, materials falling from conveyors or other transportation system and failure of strapping/lifting device during maintenance procedures.

These risks can be mitigated by a range of measures which include;

  • Wearing appropriate PPE such as  safety helmets and boots
  • Overhead protection or use of netting
  • Better guarding  that prevents spillage
  • Checking that the  correct lifting devices are being used
  • Checking that lifting devices are well maintained
  • Maintaining safety zones during loading and unloading
  • Moving pedestrians away form high risk areas
  • Ensuring that storage areas and shelving are appropriate
  • Better risk assessments and safe systems of work.

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TitleVideoActivityType of LocationYearPrize
POD truck cleaning project - WINNER   Maintenance & HousekeepingReadymix or mortar plant2019 Y
Asphalt loadout door cradle   Maintenance & HousekeepingAsphalt/Coating plant2018 N
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Incident No.TitleDateType of LocationActivity
03599Operator injured by arm rest on CAT 98030/11/2021QuarryBehavioural Safety management
03594Fatal 5 - Two incidents involving the delivery of concrete06/07/2021Construction/delivery siteLifting
03584Fatal 5 - Operator struck by flailing pipe when making delivery03/02/2021Lime & Slag plantsTransport / Delivery
03580Fatal 6 - Lifting operation LTI injury - BMAPA Alert03/12/2020Aggregate DredgerLifting
02566Near Miss - Falling Object12/08/2020Asphalt/Coating plantMaintenance & Housekeeping
02550Stone block falls whilst being sawed27/02/2020Dimension Stone plantProduction and Processing
02549Fatal 6 - Near Miss - Lifting /Slinging Accident 19/02/2020Dimension Stone plantLifting
01549Fatal 6 - Near Miss – Rotary Saw Tooth Failure 19/02/2020Dimension Stone plantGuarding and isolation
01547Fatal 6 - Inboard slip flange dredge pipe 30/01/2020Aggregate DredgerMaintenance & Housekeeping
01532Fatal 6 - Battery Explosion30/10/2019QuarryMaintenance & Housekeeping
01529Fatal 6 - Operative hit in face by airline - correct use and adjustment of airlines18/10/2019Concrete products plantMaintenance & Housekeeping
01522Fatal 6 - Operating close to, or under, suspended loads12/08/2019Concrete products plantLifting
01512Fatal 6 - Return roller nip guard on conveyor falls 4m and hits contractor 28/05/2019QuarryMaintenance & Housekeeping
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POD truck cleaning project - WINNER Maintenance & HousekeepingReadymix or mortar plant2019 Y
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