- Mitigating the high potential hazards in the Mineral Products Industry

FATAL 1 - Contact with moving machinery and isolation

22% of fatalities in the industry are as a result of contact with moving machinery often associated with a failure to correctly isolate.

Fatalities or serious injuries mainly due to a failure to isolate  machinery, poor guarding, inadequate exclusion areas, poor procedures or a failure to follow them.

These tragic incidents often involve horrific  injuries associated with entrapment, crushing, amputations, pinching, lacerations or burns. 

In many cases these incidents were  foreseeable and avoidable. 

Reducing  these incidents will be achieved by the implementation of the following

  • More effective management
  • Better risk assessments
  • Additional training
  • Better designed guarding
  • Following LOTOTO isolation procedures
  • Better machine and process design
  • Use of appropriate exclusion zones
  • Updated safe systems of work
  • Other related measures. 

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Title/Short DescriptionSourceSubjectDate
Guide to Cleaning Concrete Pan Mixers April 2021 Fatal 1

This document provides guidance shared by MPA members on the elimination or significant reduction of risks to health and safety during the cleaning of pan mixers, taking account of incidents that have occurred within the industry, HSE research and good practice. The guide is for managers and operatives.

It highlights the nature of the health and safety hazards which can arise during cleaning operations and the ways in which these can be eliminated or reduced by good design, automation and safe working practices.

This document has been produced as part of the suite of resources to help eliminate 'The Fatal 6' - It has been produced by the Working Group for Fatal 1 - Moving machinery and isolation.

MPACleaning and housekeeping04/05/2021
Updated - The Management of Electrical Safety in Quarries, Associated Plant and Equipment

This guidance covers the generalities of the Management System for Electrical Installations at quarries, associated non quarry sites and mobile equipment.

Plant Information Sheet 1 - (Version 2, January 2021) - review date: 2026

QNJACElectrical equipment18/01/2021
Site energy isolation self audit - June 2019 Updated AUDIT

QNJAC has produced an even more user friendly version of their Isolation Self-Audit tool, with improved functionality which now allows the question set to be completed electronically. Members are reminded of the importance of guarding and isolation and conducting regular audits to check that their arrangements and procedures are sufficient. In this regard, the QNJAC Self Audit tool should prove very useful.

Guide to energy isolation and LOTOTO - (Lock-out - Tag-out - Try-out)

The industry operates equipment that has the potential to cause harm if not operated or isolated correctly.

We have learnt from incidents within the industry, the critical importance of giving employees and contractors as much information and guidance on the risks involved when operating heavy machinery and a better understanding of the different types of energy they need to be protected against.

This document will describe LOTOTO (Lock-Out – Tag-Out – Try-Out), the process for isolating equipment to ensure that maintenance and cleaning can be undertaken safely.

Prepared by the MPA and Reece Safety, this document shares best practice and will help to raise awareness of ‘LOTOTO’ and to guide the industry to the achievement of a safer working environment. In this document you will also find also find product information to safe guard the workforce.

British Precast guidance on isolation - May 2019

Within the precast concrete sector, repair, service and maintenance work is done on machinery, equipment and processes every day. It is essential to ensure the isolation of any unsafe machinery or equipment from potential uncontrolled energy sources takes place during such work. The attached document is guidance published by British Precast on isolation.

British PrecastIsolation15/10/2019
FATAL 6 - Guide to Avoiding Contact with Moving Machinery and Isolation

This 171 page, A5 Guide has been prepared by the MPA and a specialist working group of members to assist supervisors and managers on site and supports other industry technical guidance.

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TitleVideoActivityType of LocationYearPrize
Arc flash safety initiatives - RUNNER UP   Maintenance & HousekeepingCement plant2019 N
Bulk bag splitting hopper   Manual handling and storage 2019 N
Light weight plastic guards   Access & Egress & Working at HeightQuarry2019 N
Dynamic risk assessment   Worker InvolvementCompany-wide2018 Y
MixLock® mechanical paddle shaft lockout system   Maintenance & HousekeepingAsphalt/Coating plant2018 N
Safety culture on the A1 Darrington to Dishforth contract   Behavioural Safety managementContracting - On-highway 2018 N
Thinking outside the confined space   Maintenance & HousekeepingConcrete products plant2018 Y
Trief and Kassel factory program reduces manual handling and concrete cutting   Manual handling and storageConcrete products plant2018 Y
Working with contractors   Contractor Safety managementQuarry2018 N
Action cam video   Maintenance & HousekeepingQuarry2017 N
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Title/Short DescriptionSourceSubjectDate
Fatal 1- Failure to follow isolation procedures and safe systems of work result in an operator being killed and his colleague being seriously injured

Following a court hearing concerning the death of one man and serious injuries to another, HSE inspector Michael Kingston said: ‘These tragic consequences could have been avoided. This case highlights the importance of implementing effective power isolation procedures when interacting with machinery and the need to monitor compliance to make sure these procedures are followed.

‘The HSE will not hesitate to prosecute companies or individuals who fail to implement and monitor safe systems of work.’

Stonegrave Aggregates Ltd was fined £200,000 and ordered to pay costs of £48,952. A Director was given a 12-month community order and the site manager was given a six-month prison sentence, suspended for 12 months.

Description of incident

Two employees at a recycling plant had stopped the trommel and entered the drum to clear a blockage. While they were inside the drum, two other employees, who were unaware anyone was in the machine, restarted the production line. The two men were trapped inside the revolving trommel drum for approximately four minutes before the line was stopped.

An investigation by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) revealed the following

  • There was a history of blockages occurring on the waste-processing line
  • Operators were regularly having to enter the trommel to clear materials
  • The line was not adequately guarded to prevent access to dangerous parts of the machinery
  • Control systems, including emergency stops, were not compliant with relevant standards.
  • Management did not adequately monitor or enforce machinery isolation procedures
  • CCTV showed that the guarding that was provided on the trommel was regularly being bypassed by staff, including the site manager

Follow this link on Safequarry to the section on FATAL 1 - Contact with moving machinery and isolation – where you can download the MPA resources on LOTOTO.

New E-Learning Package Available to Support Contact With Moving Machinery and Isolation

MPQC have developed an elearning package which supports and complements the guidance and other resources produced by MPA on moving machinery and isolation.

In additino to the topics covered in the MPA guidance, MPQC also highlights the emotional impact following incidents, further emphasising the part that our behaviour plays in preventing incidents, and includes an important message to the participants direct from industry leaders.

MPA and British Precast launches Vision Zero

Vision Zero was launched at the MPA and British Precast Health and Safety Leadership Conference on the 11th November.

A video of the whole conference or the individual sections can be viewed on the MPA's YouTube channel.


MPAAll Subjects11/11/2020
FATAL 6 - Guide to Avoiding Contact with Moving Machinery and Isolation
MPA has launched a 171 page, A5 Guide has been prepared by the MPA and a specialist working group of members to assist supervisors and managers on site and supports other industry technical guidance. The narrative and practical examples have been taken from the significant amount of materials that were received from MPA members, both large and small, after a request to share best practice on this subject. The publication complements the pocket size;Guide to Energy Isolation and LOTOTO; and accompanying posters and stickers that were widely distributed to members earlier this year.

CEMEX presentation to raise awareness of the issues surrounding guarding, to prompt review of existing guarding by management and ensure guarding standards are to an acceptable level. Guarding requirements must be fully understood, if guards are not in place or adequate there is a significant potential for someone to be killed. The unauthorised removal and failure to replace guards securely are serious offences.

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Incident No.TitleDateType of LocationActivity
03598FATAL 1 - Safe working on vehicle hydraulic systems - HSENI Alert25/10/2021TransportMaintenance & Housekeeping
03586Fatal 1 - Operator injured whilst undertaking maintenance on conveyor - Safe Isolation & Lock Out Procedure/ Permit to Work 09/02/2021QuarryGuarding and isolation
03583HSE Prosecution results in £640,000 fine for a ‘FATAL 6’ related incident in which operator seriously injured within the Food Manufacturing sector18/01/2021OtherGuarding and isolation
03581Fatal 6 - Stored energy medical treatment injury - BMAPA Alert07/01/2021Aggregate DredgerMaintenance & Housekeeping
03570Operator bruises hand due to release of stored energy in operation to free stuck davit (lifting device) - BMAPA Alert06/10/2020Aggregate DredgerMaintenance & Housekeeping
02569Stored Energy Incident - Resulting in a Major LIFE CHANGING Injury 02/10/2020Asphalt/Coating plantMaintenance & Housekeeping
01546'The Fatal 6' - Isolation Failure -Successful Use of Try Out23/01/2020QuarryGuarding and isolation
01540Arc Flash Incident13/12/2019Cement plantMaintenance & Housekeeping
01537Fatal 6 - Faulty isolators - Craig and Derricott05/12/2019Asphalt/Coating plantGuarding and isolation
01535Fatal 6 - Conveyor LTI - Laceration to arm25/11/2019QuarryMaintenance & Housekeeping
01530FATAL 6 – Serious injuries to fingers in 4 separate incidents 21/10/2019Concrete products plantGuarding and isolation
01520Fatal 6 - Isolator safety device failure06/08/2019Readymix or mortar plantMaintenance & Housekeeping
01511Fatal 6 - Faulty isolator switch 09/05/2019Concrete products plantMaintenance & Housekeeping
01509Fatal 6 – Employee enters hopper without PTW or Isolating19/03/2019Concrete products plantMaintenance & Housekeeping
01499Safety Nudge - Isolation of conveyors and other plant05/11/2018QuarryGuarding and isolation
01488Failure in isolation procedures - near hit12/04/2018Cement plantGuarding and isolation
00359Dumper Driver Crush Injuries18/02/2013Cement plantMaintenance & Housekeeping
00355Load security09/01/2013Construction/delivery siteTransport / Delivery
00349Propane Torch incident08/01/2013QuarryMaintenance & Housekeeping
00351Asphalt Wagon Doors08/01/2013On-HighwayAccess & Egress & Working at Height
00353Unsafe Working with Telehandler08/01/2013Construction/delivery siteAccess & Egress & Working at Height
00347Cardox Shell Incident04/12/2012Cement plantProduction and Processing
00200Augur isolation failure on Explosives mixer truck21/01/2009QuarryProduction and Processing
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COVID 19 MPA Poster Keep everything spick and span - Cartoon + text
Isolation Poster - Fruit machine Please see attached one of two posters designed to remind operators of the importance of following isolation procedures.
Isolation Poster - loaded gun One of two posters designed to remind operators of the importance of following correct isolation procedures.
Safer by Design - Isolation - Dump Trucks Image showing the different types of stored energy on a dump truck
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CEMEX suite of visual aids on isolation procedures LOTO False Isolation and Lock OffCEMEX UK2012
Isolation and Lock Off Stop and Think False Isolation and Lock OffCEMEX UK2010
Isolation and lock off - Vechicles and Mobile Plant False Isolation and Lock OffCEMEX UK2009
Respirable Crystalline Silica False Occupational HealthBrett Group2009
Safe working - locking of electrical equipment False Electrical hazardsTarmac Group Ltd2008
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Fatal 6 - LOTOTO - Torr Works - Case study from AI Isolation Quarry - processing2020 N
Fatal 6 - Isolation clasp design Isolation Company wide2019 N
Arc flash safety initiatives - RUNNER UP Maintenance & HousekeepingCement plant2019 N
Light weight plastic guards Access & Egress & Working at HeightQuarry2019 N
Bulk bag splitting hopper Manual handling and storage 2019 N
Fatal 6 - Isolation - LOTOTO - cartoon Isolation Company wide2018 N
Dynamic risk assessment Worker InvolvementCompany-wide2018 Y
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