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Safer by Sharing l

In this Hot Topic, MPA is highlighting two recent examples of the benefits of sharing incident alerts.

1.Incident involving bagged product

Following a recent incident alert, which highlighted how an operator had been injured whilst assisting a colleague who was using a telehandler to move bagged product , a member suggested the use of an alternative bag design that might help to mitigate the risk the operator was exposed to. 

Tunnel bags differ from standard builder’s bags as they come with two sleeves at the sides of the bag in addition to the traditional 4 lifting loops. The sleeves are reinforced to stop the tunnel ripping or coming away from the body of the bag. The two sleeves create a tunnel in which the forklift truck/telehandler can slide into making bags easier to transport. These bags could be used for holding large amounts of granular products such as sand, stone and gravel. 

Whilst not suggesting that the use of this bag would have been appropriate in the incident highlighted, providing feedback of this nature can be helpful when shared with others.

2. Use of mobile phones whilst driving

An incident alert that was produced by CEMEX, it includes a graphic video which explains the consequences of using a mobile phone whilst driving, it is based on an accident in 2021. The video also outlines CEMEX's policies in relation to the use of mobile phones. 

The video has been viewed over 860 times in the last 2 weeks. Ensuring that these powerful messages relating to the use of mobile phones has been reinforced across the MPA membership and other users of Safequarry.

Please share your incident alerts.


MPAVision Zero23/08/2023
World Drowning Prevention Day - Tuesday 25th July

Please support World Drowning Prevention Day by sharing water safety messages that will help save lives


Please share these key messages with your colleagues friend and family.

If you see someone in trouble in the water

Do not be tempted to jump in to help them, stay calm and follow these simple instructions

Please share the resources on

If you are in trouble in the water

This simple technique can save your life - 'Float to Live'

If you find yourself struggling in the water, or if you fall in unexpectedly, Float to Live. Relax and try to breathe normally. Tilt your head back and submerge your ears. Use your hands to help you stay afloat. Once your breathing is under control, call for help or swim to safety.         

Please share this powerful video produced by RNLI that explains the technique

MPAPublic safety23/07/2023
Fatal 1 - The importance of following LOTOTO

Please read the incident alert that is being sent out with this hot topic alert. 

The incident reports on the a recent event in which an isolator switch failed, if the fitter had not followed the 'try out' part of the LOTOTO procedure he might have incurred a serious injury or worse whilst maintaining a pump.

In addition to reading the alert, please also remind yourself of all the resources available from the Fatal 1 section of Safequarry. These include downloadable guidance documents, links to MPQC training modules and posters.


Control of Legionellosis risk in quarries & associated mineral activities

As temperatures rise, so too do the risks associated with Legionella. Many water systems, at quarries in particular, use non-mains supply sourced water from bore holes and/or lagoons which can easily be contaminated with soils and plant matter, for example. Stored water in tanks or pipes may be stagnant for periods and in warm weather the temperature may rise creating ideal conditions for the bacteria to flourish.

Quarry operators are reminded of the QNJAC guidance that was produced to assist the surface minerals industry in reducing the risk of ill health from exposure to legionella bacteria in water systems and in meeting its legal requirements in relation to the control of legionella from mineral processing operations as part of a water hygiene programme.

MPAOccupational Health16/06/2023
QNJAC resources on mental wealth and wellbeing

QNJAC has developed a suite of 4 complimentary resources to assist both employees and their managers to manage stress in the work environment. They include both self-audit tools, action plans and links to appropriate organisations or resources that can provide support. These can be downloaded from either Safequarry or the QNJAC website.

Mental wealth and wellbeing - self-audit tool

Mental wealth and wellbeing - signposting

Mental wealth and wellbeing risk assessment - stress questionnaire - Part A 

Mental wealth and wellbeing risk assessment - individual level - Part B

QNJACMental health12/06/2023
HSE alert on floor gratings

HSE has issued the a safety bulletin on unsafe use of polymer floor grating systems in the offshore sector. Whilst the alert relates to the off shore industries many elements are relevant to the mineral products industry.

Floor gratings are used extensively within the minerals industry for process plant flooring and access walkways. The bulletin serves as a useful general reminder that any floor gratings, whether made of polymer or metal should be installed in accordance with the OEM guidance and included within inspection programmes to ensure that they remain, secure and free from damage and corrosion

Operators should ensure that there are up to date risk assessments and safe systems of work in place for inspecting and maintaining floors and ensuring appropriate safety measures are in place when floors are lifted.

From HSE alert

Duty holders and employers should identify all areas of grating systems across installations and workplaces, and carry out a suitable and sufficient review to ensure they are safe to use.

Safety critical areas such as escape routes should be prioritised.

Please follow this link to the HSE alert 


HSEPlant – fixed and mobile14/04/2023
Stress Awareness Month - April 2023

MPA is supporting Stress Awareness Month which runs during April and the HSE’s Working Minds campaign. The Working Minds campaign aims to prevent work-related stress and promote good mental health in the workplace.

The HSE has compiled a list of resources to assist employers and workers during Stress Awareness Month this April.

Users can also view the mental health and wellbeing page on Safequarry and download the MPA’s guidance for managers and employees.

MPAMental health05/04/2023
Apology regarding recent alerts

MPA has been updating the alert system on Safequarry to improve the appearance of the alerts and to bring them into line with the recent update of the Safequary website.

After the system went live, a number of old alerts were sent out that had been used in the testing of the new system. In addition to this, an alert was sent out stating that no alerts had been added to the system that day. These bugs have now been fixed.

Apologies for any confusion or inconvenience this may have caused our users. 

MPA 21/03/2023
Safe Installation of Precast Concrete Flooring and Associated Components - Nov 2017

The fourth edition of the Code of Practice for the Safe Installation of Precast Concrete Flooring and Associated Components launched by the Precast Flooring Federation on 30th November 2017

British PrecastPrecast15/03/2023
Safequarry updated

An updated Safequarry was launched on 1st March.

Based on feedback from users, the update has been designed to make the health and safety resources held on Safequarry more accessible to all.

This includes over 1,100 examples of good practice, over 400 videos, incident alerts, guidance, toolbox talks and hot topics. Safequarry covers all the products within the mineral products industry.

Please take the opportunity to look at the new website and share the link with your colleagues.

All feedback would be welcome. 

MPAAll Subjects01/03/2023
Worker involvement and engagement – Poster, workplace representative
A poster designed to attract workers to participate by becoming involved as Safety Representatives, or Representatives of Employee Safety. This important role is viewed as the KEY to the improvement of Health & Safety at Quarries. This poster has been formulated by the QNJAC to promote Zero Harm in the Workplace.
QNJACLeadership and workforce engagement27/02/2023
Workforce Involvement and engagment - Self-Audit Tool - July 2022 Issue 1
The purpose of this document is to provide a structured framework for organisations to conduct self-audits of site workers involvement and engagement.
QNJACLeadership and workforce engagement27/02/2023