In addition to guidance produced by British Precast, the database contains summaries of the latest updates and guidance on key health and safety issues from organisations such as the MPA; the HSE, including the QNJAC and the Quarries Partnership Team on dust and silica; UEPG (European Aggregates Association); NePSi - representing the EU Silica Social Dialogue Agreement; etc.

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HSE Guidance on underground cables

Damage to underground electrical cables can cause fatal or severe injury and the law says you must take precautions to avoid danger.

This can be achieved by a safe system of work based on planning, use of plans, cable locating devices and safe digging practices.

These four elements complement each other, and should all be used when working near buried cables. Please follow link to the HSE Guidance on these 4 elements.

HSE 29/11/2023
Driver''s Handbook - Edition 4

Edition 4 of the MPA Driver’s Handbook, published in November 2023, provides a comprehensive summary of all aspects good practice and is part of MPA’s drive towards Vision Zero.

Designed for easy reference, the handbook has been jointly developed by the members of the Mineral Products Association (MPA) Transport Committee and Health and Safety Committee, as a tool for working drivers to help them understand and manage the risks that they face and create when driving and operating vehicles for work.


Code of Practice - Safe Stressing of Prestressed Concrete Products - 2023 Edition - V2

A new edition of the Code of Practice for Safe Stressing of Prestressed Concrete Products has been developed by MPA Precast to communicate good practice in the management of health and safety when manufacturing prestressed concrete products.

Prepared in collaboration with the membership of MPA Precast and with the support of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), the Code of Practice (CoP) applies to all companies with prestressing activity on their sites. The aim is for the CoP to be shared at all levels within the precast industry.

RR1193: Static concrete mixer cleaning. Establishing alternative methods for control of harmful noise and hand-arm vibration exposures

A method used for cleaning many static concrete mixers in the United Kingdom involves workers entering the mixer to remove hardened concrete residue with hand-held power tools. Some of these workers have developed Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome, an occupational disease that is caused by regular use of these tools. Other health and safety risks, such as exposure to noise and entry into the confined space of the mixer, require duty holders to apply suitable controls for these residue cleaning operations.

Please see HSE research on alternative cleaning processes.


HSECleaning and housekeeping26/07/2023
TRANSPORT - Loading of Bulk Wagons - Version 2

Rail Freight Operations Group - Code of Practice

Loading of Bulk Wagons - Version 2

The purpose of this approved code of practice is to offer guidance to parties engaged in the process and management of loading bulk products onto rail wagons, such that the risks associated with the transportation of wagons are minimised. Included is the management of risk associated with residual / incomplete loading and unloading events.

National Freight Safety GroupRail delivery04/07/2023
Highway Contracting - Sweeper and Spray Tanker - Operational Safety Guidance

This new guidance document is the primary output from an MPA Asphalt Contract Surfacing Working Group in relation to Mechanical Road Sweeper and Spray Tanker operations, in particular within the highways construction and maintenance environment.

The document has been developed to give Members, their clients and specifiers, and other stakeholders a focused approach to considering the requirements of operating in this sector, through the adoption of its recommendations.

Company Car and Van Handbook - Updated May 2023

This handbook is jointly developed by the members of the Mineral Products Association (MPA), Transport Committee and Health and Safety Committee, as a tool for drivers of cars and vans to help them understand and manage the risks that they face and create when driving and operating vehicles for work. It will help people make safer choices about the way they drive and behave around vehicles.  

This updated version includes the following additional elements

  • Introduction references Vision Zero and Fatal 6
  • Content on operation electric cars and vans added
  • Wording changed to reflect new rules on use of hand held mobile devices whilst driving
  • Section on towing expanded
  • Applicable for vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes GVW
Mental wealth and wellbeing self-audit tool
This self-audit tool has been produced by a working group of QNJAC, which comprises industry experts from varied backgrounds, the Trades Unions and HSE*. This document provides a structured framework to enable organisations to carry out self-audits of their approach to mental wealth and wellbeing in the workplace and steps they may wish to take to make improvements
QNJACMental health09/06/2023
Mental wealth and wellbeing signposting - QNJAC

This document provides signposting for support and resources to assist in the management of mental wealth and wellbeing issues in the work place.

QNJAC has tailored the links to the resources so that they are the most appropriate based on your role.

QNJACMental health09/06/2023
Mental wealth and wellbeing risk assessment - Individual level Part B - QNJAC
This form allows employee and their line manager to develop a plan of action following the completion of the stress questionnaire (Part A) . 
QNJACMental health09/06/2023
Mental wealth and wellbeing risk assessment - stress questionnaire Part A - QNJAC

This risk assessment form includes questions that relate to six potential psychological hazards that can be the causes of stress at work. These are job demands, control, support, relationships, role and change.

Employees should complete this form and discuss with their line managers.

Line Managers should analyse the findings of the risk assessment with the employee concerned, identify potential risk factors, agree an action plan, take action, record, evaluate and review 

QNJACMental health09/06/2023
Fatal 5 - MPA Bulk powder delivery checklist - Updated March 2023

Over-pressurisation of silos during deliveries can result in silos rupturing or filter housings being ejected and a significant risk of ‘struck by’ injuries. ‘Struck by flying or falling objects’ is one of the MPA’s ‘Fatal 6’; the high consequence hazards responsible for most of the major injuries and fatalities within the sector.

The MPA checklist for bulk powder deliveries can be used by those businesses delivering mineral powders to take a structured approach to assess silo safety at customer sites. The checklist has been updated to emphasise that the main safety concern when delivering powders pneumatically is over-pressurisation, which can result in catastrophic failure. Checking that the measures and controls identified in this document are applied, fitted and functioning correctly will help to eliminate or reduce such risks.

MPADelivery and storage01/05/2023