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ACTIVITY: Pedestrian and transport safety on-site COMPANY: Hanson
SUB ACTIVITY: No Sub Activity Available COMPANY LOCATION: Aggregates Division
CSMR - Check, Speak, Move, Repeat, Pedestrian Traffic Management Safety Process

WINNER - Safer management of pedestrians and transport


Following an incident involving mobile plant in South Wales, Hanson enhanced its commitment to further improve the management of the Interaction between pedestrians and transport – Fatal 5.

A survey was undertaken, asking operators what changes could help improve the safety of quarry movements. Area Operations Managers reviewed the feedback from the operators, identified that a key aspect would be behavioural change and to support this the CSMR idea was developed. Improved communications was recognised as a particularly important element of the programme.

An expert working party developed the two main strands: pedestrian and transport. Pedestrian routes were developed using examples of good practice and even drawing on lessons from hospitals. The transport strand was based around the idea of creating communication hubs managed by “zone controllers”.

A second working party was established made up of employee safety representatives, transport managers, quarry managers safety professionals, area managers and external consultants.

The review established that the programme was needed to help improve the following:

  • The sense of "One Team" between driver's and pedestrians
  • An increased level of communication between all moving personnel
  • Respect for the dangers that both drivers and pedestrians face whilst travelling on site
  • Achieve zero incidents both between drivers and pedestrians and between vehicles.

A multidisciplinary team was established to develop and implement Check, Speak, Move, Repeat (CSMR). This initiative was signed off by the senior management team in Aggregates and rolled out in 2021 across the UK.

CSMR objective was to eliminate fatalities, vehicle collisions, slips trips and falls and mobile plant near hits.

CSMR ensures all people travelling around on site, are briefed on their routes before beginning their journey. To aid this brief, vehicle and pedestrian maps were developed for each site. As people and plant move around, signs are seen to guide, support and control these movements.

The use of buggy whips, mobile plant identifiers, good radio communications and visual identifiers including maps and signs were standardised and implemented at all sites. External consultants were used to assist with the implementation of the standardised site maps and signs, they provided support to the site managers in developing them. Any questions, suggestions or new ideas were fed back to the control group.


To ensure a standardised approach, and with Covid controls inhibiting a more personal roll out, Hanson used Teams to train the concept and actions to aggregates managers, aggregates supervisors and the operational leaders in the Concrete and Asphalt business lines to ensure co-operation on co-located sites.

The senior management team included the CSMR process in their safety conversations and 5S reviews to raise the profile and help embed it. A multilingual haulier pack was rolled out across the business. Supervisors and managers received a guide on how to conduct an effective CSMR safety conversation to aid VFL.

A behavioural change workshop with a CSMR focus was rolled out across the aggregates business, delivered by the external consultants.


  • All Hanson’s operations are safer places to move around
  • More effective communications and enhanced controls
  • Reduced risk of fatalities, injury, and damage.
  • Development of a standardised process for managing pedestrians and transport on site
  • Improved the efficiency of movement around sites
  • CSMR requires and encourages the entire site team engage
  • Encourage a multi-facetted dialogue between people across Hanson’s divisions.

Hanson sites have: -

  • Universal communication tool (maps and signs)
  • Tools available in multiple languages to bridge the gap between operations and hauliers
  • All 150 managers and supervisors are upholding the same standards across Hanson.
  • An opportunity for employees to engage with each other to successfully deliver the aims of CSMR
  • A better understanding of real life challenges leading to practical site specific improvements


With the MPA’s support this could be an industry wide life saver providing a familiar set of protocols at every site – standardisation underpins safety. This system is aligned with the aims of Vision Zero and in particular the mitigation of hazards associated with Fatal 2 – Workplace interaction between pedestrians and transport.

The ease with which the system was adopted by both the Asphalt and Concrete business lines within Hanson demonstrated that this approach can be transferred successfully to different sites and any sites sharing similar set-ups within our industry.

From inception, Hanson’s desire was to create a framework which could be rolled out to all MPA sites. It is anticipated that this standardisation would further improve the safety of those moving around our sites as the message would be universally familiar.


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