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LOCATION: Readymix or mortar plant ARTICLE YEAR 2018
ACTIVITY: Transport & Logistics / Delivery COMPANY: Tarmac Building Products Ltd
Dry silo mortar loading – driver assistance


DSM Mortars held a team safety stand down event at Croxden Quarry. The event brought together front-line operatives, hauliers, fitters and engineering. They created a site hazard map based on all the activities associated with vehicle movements in different areas of the site.

The area where drivers raised and lowered the gantry which allowed them access the top of their vehicles was identified as the location for persistent near hits and incidents. The gantry also showed evidence of damage from recent contact with the tankers.

A check of the historical records and other incidents at similar sites over a 10-year period showed a trend of frequent impacts with the gantries and damage to this driver safety device. One incident had involved the replacement of the gantry due to the extent of damage.

An action group was formed to develop a solution that would prevent future collisions. Short term actions included a revision of the site inductions and introducing the policy of holding the driver’s keys when his vehicle was being loaded. These actions helped to reduce the risks, it did not eliminate them.

The team then developed a light and drivers key control system to aid both drivers and operatives to manage safe movements on and off the weighbridge. This involved the following features:

  • Green and red LED light strips were attached to the underside of the gantry, drivers can clearly see on entering the weighbridge if all items are in the ‘up position’– lights green and safe to proceed.

  • The LED strips also indicate the bottom edge of the gantry to aid drivers positioning themselves under the loading point on entry

  • Improved visual assessment for drivers to assess whether their truck is too high

  • As the driver lowers the gantry and loading sock, the LED strips become red at both the entry and exit of the weighbridge. Drivers are therefore aware that the equipment is engaged with their vehicle and not to move.

  • Once ready to load the drivers put their keys into an electrically interlocked box next to the batcher’s office – the keys are only released once the loading sock and gantry are fully raised after loading.

  • A‘mimic’panel is located in the batchers office so the batcher can see the status of every item and whether it is safe for the driver to proceed onto or off the weighbridge.


  • New system has been well received

  • No impacts since installation

  • Safer for driver and operatives

  • Reduced repair costs for vehicles and gantry

  • Enhanced safety culture on-site

  • System now being rolled out to other DSM sites across the UK

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